Guide Supplementari

Le Guide Supplementari sono guide dettagliate per la conduzione delle attività di internal audit. Includono processi e procedure dettagliati così come strumenti, tecniche, programmi e approcci metodologici, compresi esempi di deliverables.

Con l'approvazione del nuovo IPPF, tutte le guide pratiche, Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAGs), e le Guides to the Assessment of IT Risks (GAIT) costituiscono le Guide Supplementari Raccomandate.

Guide Pratiche - Generali

 TitoloDataSociNon soci
 Developing a Risk-Based Internal Audit Plan05/2020
 Auditing Culture11/2019
 Demonstrating the Core Principles for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing09/2019
 Assessing the Risk Management Process03/2019
 Auditing Third-party Risk Management10/2018
 Coordination and Reliance: Developing an Assurance Map02/2018
 Engagement Planning: Assessing Fraud Risks10/2017
 Engagement Planning: Objectives and Scope08/2017 
 Audit Reports10/2016
 Internal Audit and the Second Line of Defense02/2016
 Talent management01/2016
 Business continuity management08/2014
 Auditing Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Programs06/2014
 Selecting, Using, and Creating Maturity Models: A Tool for Assurance and Consulting Engagements07/2013
 Assessing Organizational Governance in the Private Sector07/2012
 Auditing Privacy Risks, 2nd Edition (Replaces GTAG 5)07/2012
 Integrated Auditing07/2012
 Developing the Internal Audit Strategic Plan07/2012
 Evaluating Ethics - Related Programs and Activities06/2012
 Quality Assurance and Improvement Program03/2012   
 Coordinating Risk Management and Assurance03/2012
 Reliance by Internal Audit on Other Assurance Providers12/2011
 Independence and Objectivity10/2011
 Interaction With The Board 08/2011
 Auditing the Control Environment04/2011
 Assisting Small Internal Audit Activities in Implementing the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing04/2011
 Assessing the Adequacy of Risk Management12/2010
 Measuring Internal Audit Effectiveness & Efficiency12/2010
 CAEs - Appointment, Performance Evaluation and Termination05/2010
 Auditing Executive Compensation and Benefits04/2010
 Evaluating Corporate Social Responsibility02/2010
 Internal Auditing and Fraud12/2009
 Auditing External Business Relationships05/2009
 Formulating and Expressing Internal Audit Opinions05/2009

Guide Pratiche - GTAG

Le guide GTAG sono redatte usando un linguaggio di business diretto per affrontare tempestivamente questioni relative alla gestione, al controllo e alla sicurezza in materia di Information Technology (IT).

 TitoloDataSociNon soci
NEW!!Auditing Identity and Access Management07/2021
 IT Essentials for Internal Auditors06/2020
 IT Change Management02/2020
 GTAG 21 - Auditing Insider Threat Programs08/2018
 GTAG 20 - Understanding and Auditing Big Data05/2017
 GTAG 19 - Assessing Cybersecurity Risk09/2016
 GTAG 18 - Auditing Smart Devices 08/2016
 GTAG 17 - Auditing IT Governance01/2018
 GTAG 16 - Data Analysis Technologies08/2011
 GTAG 15 - Information Security Governance06/2010
 GTAG 14 - Auditing User-developed Applications 06/2010
 GTAG 13 - Fraud Prevention and Detection in an Automated World12/2009
 GTAG 12 - Auditing IT Projects03/2009
 GTAG 11 - Developing the IT Audit Plan01/2009
 GTAG 10 - Business Continuity Management01/2009
 GTAG 9 - Identity and Access Management01/2009
 GTAG 8 - Auditing Application Controls01/2009
 GTAG 7 - Information Technology Outsourcing (2^ edizione)06/2012
 GTAG 5 - Managing and Auditing Privacy Risks was replaced with Practice Guide, Aditing Privacy Risks, 2nd edition07/2012
 GTAG 4 - Management of IT Auditing (2^ edizione)01/2013
 GTAG 3 - Continuous Auditing: Implications for Assurance, Monitoring, and Risk Assessment (2nd edition)
 GTAG 2 - Change and Patch Management Controls: Critical for Organizational Success (2^ edizione)03/2012
 GTAG 1 - Information Technology Controls (2^ edizione)03/2012


Guide Pratiche - GAIT

 GAIT Methodology 01/2009
 GAIT for IT General Control Deficiency Assessment 01/2009
 GAIT for Business and IT Risk 01/2009


Altre Guide Pratiche

 Model Internal Audit Activity Charter03/2017
 Applying The IIA’s International Professional Practices Framework as a Professional Services Firm08/2016


Guide Pratiche per il Settore Pubbblico

 Creating an Internal Audit Competency Process for the Public Sector02/2015
 Assessing Organizational Governance in the Public Sector 10/2014


Guide Pratiche per il Settore Finanziario

NEW!!Auditing Market Risk in Financial Institutions12/2020
 Auditing Conduct Risk 06/2020
 Auditing Credit Risk Management03/2020
 Auditing  Capital Adequacy and Stress Testing for Banks05/2018
 Auditing Model Risk Management03/2018
 Auditing Liquidity Risk: An Overview12/2017